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This book brings out the possibilities of generalizations of behaviour of soils and hence of predicting the required engineering properties without elaborate testing. We recognize that a single approach cannot be evolved for all soil types and hence the necessity for classifying soils into different categories and to use appropriate model for each. First of all, based on mechanism of stress transfer and interaction between the phases, two obvious classes, the fine grained and coarse-grained soils have been differentiated. The discussions bring out that because of identical mode of stress transfer, the mechanical behaviour i.e., compressibility, shear strength relations, permeability variations etc. can be generalized for all fine grained soils, enabling the prediction of behaviour of such soils with just the knowledge of certain state and index properties. The sequence of discussion is on the characterization of specific soil states and prediction of proportion starting from the ideal saturated uncemented soils, both normally and over consolidated, cemented saturated soils and partly saturated soils. In dealing with the behaviour of coarse grained soils, the importance of microfabric and the difficulties in possible generalizations are discussed. Perhaps the unique feature of this book is that the division of the chapters is based on different soil states, all the mechanical behaviours being discussed under each soil state.The book will be of interest to both academicians and practising engineers, researchers and postgraduate students. It would serve as a textbook for undergraduate students with prior knowledge of basic soil mechanics.

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