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This book is written with special focus on issues relating to policies and strategies for planning and implementation of biogas programme. The book provides a detailed overview of biogas technology covering all the facets. It provides comprehensive history and progress of biomethanation in select countries and regions where it has made special mark. It provides a detailed overview of developments in India covering historical perspectives, biogas potential, chronological progress of biomethanation, and enumerates references made to biogas at important seminars and conferences by eminent personalities from India and abroad. It comprehensively spells out various implementation strategies particularly the turnkey approach which is largely responsible for bringing biogas revolution in India judging by the unprecedented spurt in the number of biogas plants installed in recent years. It consolidates the findings and recommendations of several socio-economic surveys on biomethanation undertaken in past in India from time to time. It presents case-studies of several community biogas plants which have greatly helped in improving the rural economy. It also provides an overview of energy needs of developing countries, reviews Integrated Rural Energy Programme (IREP) and the Urjagram programmes of the Union government as supportive programmes for biomethanation, and views biogas programme as an instrument of sustainable development. It discusses at length the economics and cost- effectiveness of biogas systems. The book also identifies areas for further studies and looks forward that biomethanation will scale new eights even when the subsidies are completely withdrawn and market-driven approach under the new economic policy governs the biogas programme. In short, the book covers all related aspects involving policies, progress and prospects of biomethanation in India and abroad.

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