Inferential Problems in Survey Sampling

Author: Mukhopadhyay, Parimal

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This book provides a comprehensive account of survey sampling theory in fixed population approach and model based approach. After making a critical review of different results in fixed population set up it shows how super population models can be exploited to produce optimal and robust sampling strategies, specially in large scale sample surveys. The central theme of the book is the use of super population models in making inference from sample surveys. The book also gives suitable emphasis on different practical aspects, like choice of sampling designs, variance estimation, different replication and resampling procedures. The author has taken care to presuppose nothing more on the part of the reader than a first course in statistical inference, sampling theory and regression analysis. He has systematically arranged the main results, supplied short proofs, examples, explanatory notes and remarks and indicated research areas. The book will be very useful to researchers. The survey practitioners will also find some part of the book very helpful.

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