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This book is meant especially for a student who wants to study topology seriously (that is, not just for the sake of clearing examinations), who is prepared to work and think but who lacks the mathematical maturity to really appreciate, on his own, the fine points and subtilities in an otherwise excellent but tersely written text. It lays a heavy emphasis on motivation and attempts clarity without sacrificing rigour. An introductory chapter on mathematical logic is intended to develop a frame of mind in which the reader can do justice to the deductive nature of the subject. In order to increase the mathematical maturity of the student, comments are made liberally whenever the occasion calls for it. For example, in certain theorems, in addition to giving a proof, it is pointed out why a particular line of approach will not work. Exercises of various levels of difficulty (with generous hints) are given at the end of every section and form an integral part of the book. Appropriate references are given to guide a student for further reading. A chapter on category theory is included to acquaint the reader with the language in which modern mathematics is expressed.

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