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The volume as well as strength of waste water generated from different sectors has increased due to rapid industrialisation, urbanisation and population growth. Ensuring the basic standard and quality of the receiving waters has therefore become extremely crucial. Land treatment of waste water provides an economically viable and technically feasible method of achieving this. This book presents a systematic exposition of the various aspects of land treatment to fulfil the needs of professional environmental engineers. The different techniques of applying waste water and mechanism for removal of BOD, nitrogen, phosphorous, microorganisms and other pollutants have been discussed. The design principles for Slow Rate (SR), Rapid Infiltration (RI) and Overland Flow (OF) systems have been explained with suitable illustrations. The possible hazards associated with land treatment and effects of long term application of wastes on soil matrix have been highlighted. Irrigability index has been developed to assess the quality of waste water and soil system numerically, as well as the treatment site by 5 x 5 soil sewage interaction matrix. Both practising environmental engineers and civil engineering students would find this book to be an excellent reference source.

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