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The Fourth edition book includes considerable new material to make the coverage more complete and comprehensive. Significant additions include: Test equations for ODEs: First, second, first order system and logistic equation. Strong stability methods: A-stable, L-stable, P-stable, Stiffy stable and Super stable. Series methods for ODEs: The Legendre series and the Chebyshev series. Test equations for PDEs: Diffusion, convection-diffusion, wave and Laplace equation. Compact implicit difference schemes: ODEs and Quasilinear PDEs. Criterion to evaluate accuracy for difference schemes: maximum absolute (MA) error and root mean square (RMS) error. Spline difference schemes: cubic spline and spline-in-compression. Weighted residual method: Extremal point collocation method. Postgraduate students, research scholars and academic staff of various Engineering disciplines, Applied Mathematics and Physics will find this book very useful for high speed computation of stiffly stable system of first order ordinary differential equations.

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