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With 15 per cent of population in pediatric age group and development of pediatrics as a separate discipline decades ago, it was but natural that many of the specialties in medicine and surgery ramify into their pediatric sub-specialties and ultimately become super-specialty. Development of Pediatric Ophthalmology is part of this useful diversification. In developed countries, pediatric ophthalmology has reached a status of super-specialty. Pediatric ophthalmology is still being managed by general ophthalmologist in developing countries. To overcome enormous volume of ocular morbidity and blindness in children, WHO has included childhood blindness and errors of refraction on priority in its VISION 2020 programme. The Govt. of India on its part has decided to develop the pediatric ophthalmology as a separate specialty manned by ophthalmologist specially trained in pediatric ophthalmology. Most of the general ophthalmologists are ill at ease in examining a child with ocular problem. They use the adult method of examination to elicit clinical science in small children with frustrating outcome. Such an impasse may be overcome if the training in pediatric ophthalmology is initiated at undergraduate level and developed at postgraduate level. This is immensely hindered by paucity of books in pediatric ophthalmology. The present work is an attempt to produce a concise book on pediatric ophthalmology. The book has separate chapters on individual ocular systems. The initials chapters deal with development of eyes in general, peculiarities of eyes in children and methods of examination suited for such eyes. The other chapters deal with applied anatomy, physiology, detailed embryology of each system, their disease and disorders. The medical management has been discussed briefly. Emphasis has been given to preventive aspects. Surgical procedures have only been outlined. The surgical steps and their details have not been included, for which the students should refer to standard books on ocular surgery.

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