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The key words in manufacturing are cost and quality. While this has been generally true throughout the history of manufacturing, we have today entered into a highly competitive stage where quality has assumed overwhelming importance. There is no survival without it. Quality just does not happen, it is caused . Quality circles, today quality, ISO 9000, etc. are some measures to improve quality. The broad purpose of the present book is to explain the concept of part accuracy and machine tool accuracy and the interaction between them. It considers in detail the influence of various factors affecting accuracy. The factors considered are stiffness, vibrations, thermal effects, tool wear, geometrical inaccuracy inherent in the machine tools themselves, cutting conditions, location and others. The interaction of dimensions in a chain of machining processes is also included. The standards relevant to accuracy are explained. Processes to obtain precision parts are described. The treatment is not just descriptive. Analytical expressions and numerical examples are included. The scope of the book is novel and the subject matter will be highly useful not only to an academic in the area of manufacturing but also to an engineer on the shop floor.

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