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The International Association of Wind Energy (IAWE) has been holding 4-yearly conference on Wind Energy since 1963. This conference rotates amongst the Asia-Pacific region, Americas and, Europe and Africa. This has become a major event for those interested in Wind Engineering Research and the conference brings forth a rich collection of information in the latest research in the subject. The research papers for the conference cover a wide spectrum of themes related to Wind Engineering, which include Wind Characteristics, Extreme Winds, Bluff Body Aerodynamics, Wind Tunnel Techniques and Studies, Field/Prototype Measurements, Computational Fluid Dynamics and Fluid Structure Interaction, Bridges and Cable Structures, Roofs and Low Rise Buildings, Tall Buildings, Towers, Chimneys and Transmission Lines, Vibrations and Dampers, Atmospheric Dispersions and Particle Drifting, Wind Breaks, Wind Power and Waves, Wind Codes and Design Problems and Disaster Assessment and Reduction. The papers relating to conference held at Roorkee University (India) have been compiled in five volumes by Prem Krishna, Chairman, IAWE and presented as, "Wind Engineering Retrospect and Prospect.\

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