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This book systematically presents a series of interesting experiments on digital devices. It also explains the basic theory underlying these devices and experiments. After explaining the essential characteristics and operating features of logic devices, the book considers various types of logic gates and provides experiments which are designed to make the student familiar with these devices. Interfacing problems between logic devices of different families are then considered and various practical solutions are explored. Experiments on more complex devices like multivibrators, counters, decoders, encoders, logic circuits, memories, LED displays, Analog/Digital and Digital/Analogy converters are then systematically discussed. All chapters begin with the theory of the device being considered, its operating characteristics and the results expected from the associated experiments. Each experiment is assigned a set of objectives followed by step-by-step operating procedures for performing the experiment. The book would serve as an excellent text-cum-manual for BSc. , BE and diploma students of Electronics and Computer Science.

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